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The 4-Step Approach

1. The Body

2. The Breath

3. The Voice

4. The Delivery

The 4-Step Approach

Research suggests that 55% of communication is based solely on body language. With tone of voice accounting for a further 38%, this means that words themselves constitute a mere 7% of human interaction and communication.

Though this research is often contested, there is no doubt that body language and tone of voice play an enormous role in communication. They are intrinsically linked to verbal language in a way that cannot be over-estimated. Which is why I will help you to engage and enhance all three elements of effective communication – body language, tone and of course, content (words).

Whether it is a formal public speaking engagement, a work presentation, or even an informal job interview – it’s not only about what you say, it’s how you say it.

My four-step approach will enable you to become more present and in the moment. It will help you to have more of an impact and to leave a lasting impression – whatever the setting.

You will realise the full potential of your:





All personal communication – no matter how formal, or informal – should be both an effective exchange and an enjoyable experience for both you and your audience!

The Body is always where our work begins.


1: The Body

The first 23 seconds of interaction are key; this is the amount of time it takes for somebody to evaluate whether what you are saying is worth their full attention.

The first thing that human beings instinctively observe (and react to) in others, is tension in the body.


2: The Breath

Similarly to how it can interfere with body language, tension in the body also affects how we breathe. How we breathe then affects how we feel and think.

When we are engaged, we are calm and therefore, breathe calmly. We then naturally have enough breath to reach the end of our thought vocally.

When tension in the body creates shortness of breath, this routine can become disrupted. The feeling of panic is perpetuated, as you cannot access enough breath to reach the end of your thought vocally – and sometimes intellectually.

We also use our breath to engage our audience. The way somebody breathes potentially exposes all of their strengths, fears and stresses. An audience will start to listen as you take that inward breath before you speak. The quality of that breath signals how you are really feeling and what is coming next (think of the sharp inward breath your mum took before she told you off as a child!).

Have you ever asked yourself why babies can scream for hours and never lose their voices? We use our breath to create volume. Because babies have no tension in their bodies, they can access their full breath capacity. This lack of physical tension means they are breathing into the whole of their lungs, right down into the small of their back, diaphragm, and lower support.

I will teach you how to re-learn this ability and engage your full breath capacity. Once you have, you will always be heard, without ever having to shout, or strain your voice.

We will work to release the breath – this means breathing with no tension.
You will learn how to access your neutral breath – this means using your full breath capacity.
You will feel calmer, be able to think more clearly and create volume and connection in the voice.

You will learn how to use the breath effectively to engage your audience before you even speak!


3: The Voice

Once the breath and body are aligned, you will be able to create volume in the voice without any physical or vocal push.

Your voice will effectively reach your audience. Whether the space between you is small or large, they will feel connected to what you are saying.

Most people only use 20% of their vocal range. All people react emotionally to movement of range and tone in the voice, so the more variation of range and tone in your voice, the more engaging and authentic you will sound.

We will ‘free’ the voice! This means creating energy and volume in the voice without it feeling or sounding pushed or strained. You will learn how to access the natural resonators in your body and voice, giving you a greater and more authentic vocal range.


4: The Delivery

Once you have learned the three previous steps (the body, the breath and the voice) – the delivery should seem much less daunting.

In this step, we will focus on these core three things:

  • Who you are communicating with
  • How you want your audience to feel
  • What action you want them to take

I can help you create the strongest content and use of language for your audience and setting. The message or objective of your presentation, will be reflected in your delivery.

My four-step approach will empower you to be in control of your audience’s experience, and be remembered for all the right reasons!

Due to my sessions with Sylvia, I secured a position in a global consulting firm, and I use the skills I gained with Sylvia every day in the office, when I chat with my colleagues and clients or when I present professional content.
Amit Tzur - Analyst - Technology Delivery, Deloitte UK
Sylvia has an excellent coaching style, is patient and leads by example, making the experience fun to take part in. I would recommend Sylvia’s coaching to anyone wanting to improve their presentation, public speaking and communication style.
Andrew Dow - Interim Risk & Resilience Manager, Barclays UK
The work I’ve done with Sylvia has enabled me to deliver a clear message to anyone in any setting. This has hugely helped in the advance of my career as well as my general confidence and well-being. I would highly recommend working with Sylvia.
Simone Gagliardi – Drupal Developer/ Project Manager
I am now much more confident and eager to accept any invitation that involves TV, Radio or public speaking. Thanks to Sylvia I now feel I’ve got a toolkit at my fingertips that enables me to get through and enjoy those experiences!
Sally Howard – Journalist and Author, The Telegraph Sunday Times
I now feel confident that wherever and whatever I am presenting, I can remain calm, energised and perform to the best of my ability. For me to be able to do the kind of work I want to do, working with Sylvia has been absolutely key.
Riffi Khan – Presenter, Director, Producer , BBC, ITV & Discovery Channel
I realised I didn’t have the technical knowledge or know-how to turn this around by myself. That all changed when I started working with Sylvia, she was able to teach me everything I needed to become concise, calm and efficient in my communication. Since working with Sylvia, I can honestly say business has never been better.
Ashley – Commodity Derivatives Sales
I now work with Sylvia on an ongoing basis. Since working with Sylvia I’m engaging clients better. The impact of this is that I’m selling concepts better and quicker, which saves me time and makes me more money
Paul Harrison – Creative Director
The work I have done with Sylvia Cohen has been a key ingredient to my success in presenting to existing and prospective clients. In addition to this, my confidence in the boardroom has grown and I feel I now have more of a command over my delivery. I feel calm and in control, even in the most high-pressure meetings.
Clare Stephens - Vice President Business of a large international asset management company
Since working with Sylvia I have become more connected to my voice. She has taught me how to breathe so that I use my voice to its best effect. This has revolutionised my public speaking and I can now really engage the audience using my voice. I have much stronger vocal stamina and I have found this really useful when recording. This work has increased my confidence in all areas where I need to be heard. I can highly recommend her services.
Jennie Francis - Hypnotherapist
Sylvia Cohen’s coaching has taken many of my clients to the next level of ease and confidence in their communication and presentation skills. I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact this has had on the professional success of the individual, as well as the benefits it has reaped for their company as a whole.
Dan Holt - Creative Communication and Behavior Consultant , Tonic mobility

I have a 100% track record with my clients. Everyone, including you, has the potential to be a fantastic, engaging and seamless communicator.

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