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Transforming the terror of the spotlight into a force for brilliance and change

More than a leadership coach, media trainer, pitch and public speaking expert,

amplify your brilliance and showcase the change you are making in the world.

Five Step Process

My five step process to mastery allows you to be in front of any audience, under any amount of pressure and land your message. 

How do I help you?

Most of my clients are at the precipice of something extraordinary and they are terrified. They fear failure, rejection and becoming irrelevant as well as experiencing acute inner turmoil such as imposter syndrome. Often their teams are also under intense pressure. The stakes are high and everyone must win, or no one wins.

Through my work with elite industry leaders, high profile creatives and those in the music, fashion and the arts; I have created a razor sharp diagnostic exercise followed by a  highly developed five step process. Whilst many ignore the unconscious subtleties and nuances that make us unique, I lean into these and turn your shadows into your strengths. 

About Sylvia

I have had the privilege of being trained by some of the world’s best; studying communication with one of Barack Obama's first media trainers and voice with Jeanette Nielson, Head of Voice at The National Theatre.


I also trained with Patsy Rodenburg, OBE, arguably the world’s leading voice coach, and a true disruptor in her own right. My approach is not only a culmination of these great teachers and their technical skills but also the ancient knowledge found within the body, breath, voice, mind and energy. I am able to take you out of your darkest moments and into the public eye so you can be your authentic, brilliant self. 

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"Sylvia, I just wanted to say a massive thank you! I couldn't have got on the stage of the Royal Opera House without you last night. You really have changed my life!"

Rhys Frampton - Fashion and portrait photographer

I am now more confident and concise in TV and radio interviews which means I am better placed to engage with the media and promote my work. I would recommend working with Sylvia to anyone who needs to promote their work whilst being authentic in front of the media.

Zara McFarlan - Multi-Award Winning Jazz Vocalist

As a result of the work that I have done with Sylvia, I now feel much better prepared for pitches and meetings. I know that I can walk into the room and be present. I am adaptable, and I’m also bringing focus & control to those meetings.

Helen O’ Hanlon - Writer and Film Director

Since working with Sylvia the number of sales I’ve closed has increased by 40%. I didn't used to like public speaking - but at a recent event, the level of engagement I had with the audience was so much improved that the number of quality leads that I received at the end of the presentation was much more than I would normally get.." I also got an invitation to have dinner with two of the industry's Top CEOs.

John West - Senior Division Director, Yole Intelligence

After your training, I noticed an immediate difference.

I had a difficult call with a client who has changed the brief numerous times and been over demanding with the team. I was calm and clear on the call and had a productive conversation. Usually, I would’ve got flustered and lost in the emotion. I’m so grateful to you.

Chantelle-Shakila Tiagi - Founder, TIAGI

After just one session with Sylvia, I realised there was so much more I could do to make my pitches more effective. Three months into my training with Sylvia I had successfully raised £260 million in investment. I highly recommend working with Sylvia to anyone who is serious about raising funds for their project and finding the right investors quickly and dynamically.

George Brookbank - CEO of Fairway Capital

Whether one is an experienced international keynote speaker or simply keen to hone presentation skills, and courtroom communication Sylvia has something to offer. Her command of all aspects of voice, presence, and impact is complete, and she is a terrific teacher. I highly endorse her for anyone keen to enhance their in-person or online presentations

Mark A Cohen - CEO of Legal Mosaic, Thought Leader and Contributor to Forbes Magazine

For me to be able to do the kind of work I want to do, working with Sylvia has been absolutely key. When I made the decision to diversify into presenting, initially, I found being in front of the camera terrifying. Working with Sylvia was incredible, she enabled me to talk about myself and things that were personal to me in front of camera in an engaging and authentic way. I now feel confident that wherever and whatever I am presenting I can remain calm, energised and perform to the best of my ability.

Riffi Khan – Presenter, Director, Producer,  BBC, ITV & Discovery Channel


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